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Nope, not giving up me beef. Truthfully left to my own devices I'm pretty much a vegetarian, however I have 3+ children to feed, a tight budget and a husband that also watches his weight but works out regularly and needs the protein in his diet. Meat at our house is very nearly free as my family raises beef cattle and sheep, although we do have to pay the butcher and the electric bill on the deep freezer. I do agree that grocery store beef is sometimes tasteless, but the half steer in our freezer is organic grass fed, aged Angus cross, it just doesn't get any better than that. My kids are fond of saying "Beef, it's what's for dinner - AGAIN!". Although tonight we're having sweet & sour pork because the grocery store had pork steak on special, buy one get one, which worked out to $1.70/lb. Anytime meat goes for $2/lb or less, I take a long hard look at the inside of the deep freezer to assess just how much more I can pack in there.
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