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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
I have never been much of a red meat eater to begin with. I prefer chicken & fish over steak anytime. I have noticed though that switching to ground turkey over ground beef does have benefits but I'm not sure they are as big of benefits as people seem to think. Working in the food industry provides pretty easy access to lots of nutrition facts. I just wanted to show you what I see in my system.
85% Ground Turkey 4oz - 220 calories, 16g fat (5g sat fat), 20g protein
85% Ground Beef 4oz - 245 calories, 17.1g fat (6.7 sat fat), 21.2 protein
My thought was if you really liked the burger as beef the trade-off in nutrition isn't really that big of a difference.
Good points, April. But I can buy 93% lean ground turkey for $3.50/lb that has about 1/3 less the saturated fat as 85% ground beef at $5.49/lb.

To me, that's a big benefit.

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