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Question Beef talk. Who cares where's the beef?

Any other meat eaters here who have basically given up on red meat?

Since I've been using FitDay I've made drastic changes to my diet, but not all at once. If someone had told me about the changes I would be making, in advance, I think they would have scared me away from the clean eating I'm now doing.

One of the things I've decided to give up is red meat. No more steak, no more hamburgers. For the most part. It's not like I won't ever eat it again, it's just that I have no desire to be putting tasteless, saturated fat laden meat into my body when there are better alternatives. And beef is expensive as well.

I've found beef to have gotten less and less flavorful over the years. Is this my imagination or is this the reality? Seriously, I'll buy a steak, barbeque it and it will be pretty much tasteless anymore, even the expensive cuts.

Chicken, turkey, and even ham are all great substitutes in my opinion. I live on turkey burgers these days and have grown to love them more than their beef counterparts.

So, my question is, have you "basically" given up beef? Or maybe altogether? And if so, what are your reasons?

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