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Originally Posted by pattialbert View Post
Morning ladies...
I tried to start a new thread but the board wouldnt let me? Could someone else start one? Id sure like to know whats up with this board. Its getting frustrating,,and I paid for a subscription.
Holakitty,,wow 4 inches!! Amazing... That pizza sounds good! Since im low carbing it Im making mine with mushroom caps stuffed with pizza goodies!
Almeeker,,too funny about your friend eating his orange. He must have been having some terrible cravings! I ate another apple the next day and it was stomach ache this time. Maybe my body had a little shock? Going to try something different this week,,,maybe an orange. Even though Ive added some new foods this week,,Im down still. This morning I hit 280 ,,,come on 270ís....I can almost taste it! Haha
Welcome Paige..the best reason to lose weight is for yourself!! Great attitude
Desertmountain reading your post I was wondering if you could spray your airpopped popcorn with some Pam or some other spray and then add your own salt. I prefer the old fashioned popcorn on the stove and measure out my oil in the pot.. then add some low sodium salt. My favourite treat! I have been depending on diet pop and sugar free candies to satisfy those cravings. I occasionally make sugar free jelly but find it very chemically currently looking for some new recipes for something sweet. Ive tried a few but blech!! Ha
Next weekend is Easter..what are your plans to stay on plan?? Any ideas? We had turkey last weekend so I will for a fat free ham,,,make dh some type of potatoes,,and we both love veggies with cheese sauce (which I can make low fat) a nice strawberry spinach salad, and maybeeeeeeee some type of dessert.
Have a great week everyone....
Good idea about using spray oil on the popcorn - Has anyone every tried the one that says butter on the can? Does it taste like butter or fake butter flavor?
That's funny that you mentioned new dessert recipes b/c I just posted a thread in the Food section asking ppl for recipes. I've been on other websites looking for a dessert recipe for Easter but nothing looks good that is low calorie and low fat without flour. We're having turkey & cauliflower 'dressing'. I haven't made the 'dressing' since I was on Atkins and will have to leave out the butter, but it's basically just well-cooked then drained cauliflower with minced & sauteed (in butter of course) onions, celery, black pepper, salt & poultry seasoning & extra sage.
How do you like SB? It sounds like it suits you and that you're losing fast. I still can't eat the amounts of starch & fruit that he wants us to eat without stalling or gaining--but by using Fitday and weighing myself a couple of times a week I'm finding out which ones I can eat & which ones are causing the problems. SB seems like a very healthy & balanced way of eating that's doable as far as maintaining it forever since I'm no longer interested in fast weight loss but in finding a new way of eating. Even my husband likes a lot of the new recipes (like your chili) & is buying low fat & sugar-free versions of some of his favorite foods now.
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