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Originally Posted by memiller1 View Post
As of Jan. 18th after my workout I weighed in at 505 lbs. Down from 558 at the Dr. office on Dec. 11th. 53 lbs. in 32 days. I feel great! However, after my workout last night (Jan.25th), I'm still at 505. Could I have hit a plateau this soon? Maybe I'm just impatient? I have been keeping my calories around 1500 - 1700, depending on if I work out that day. and I have been hitting the gym 2 - 3 times a week, plus walking a lot more. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Well, my loses were never really "linear". I'd tend to perhaps lose a pound, maybe two, sometimes none in a week. Generally, the next week I'd see a BIG drop--five or six pounds sometimes, especially when I was in the 400s.

Remember, it takes a calorie deficit of 3500 to burn one pound of fat ON AVERAGE. Not every pound of fat is the same, and not every body seems to lose at exactly the same rate.

Also, I can still have weight swings of several pounds from one day to the next, due I suppose to fluid retention. If you happen to weigh in on a day you're "up", that might be part of the problem.

And of course, like S&^%, plateaus do happen to the best of us. If you KNOW you've kept a major calorie deficit, then you WILL lose weight--that's the magic of tracking everything in FitDay.

So I guess my advice it to keep doing what you're doing for another week and see what happens. If you're still not losing, perhaps consider a different calorie mix--I know it shouldn't matter, but some people do seem to lose more quickly on various carb/fat/protein calorie mixes.

Oh, and drink more water!

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