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Originally Posted by kejimenez87 View Post
Hey Ladies.
I am trying to get back into shape and I don't even know where to start.
Hi There,
It is funny, but finding the right motivation is such a personnal thing. Some folks on the forums have an event coming up, weddings, reunions, etc. that motivates them to lose the weight. Others have just decided that it is time to take charge of their lives and not let food call the shots anymore. After years of running 30 to 40 lbs over weight and not seeing much progress in my speed and endurance. I decided that it was time to drop those pounds and you know what? Without even trying very hard I am already much faster and just so much more comfortable truck'n along the trails. Some folks like to leave pictures of themselves now, or pictures of what they want to look like in the future around the house (that one really doesn't work for me - it just makes be depressed and reaching for the Ben&Jerrys).

Try everything! Read the posts here to see what's working. But as almeeker said, just logging your food and taking advantage of the options FitDay has to offer is a HUGE help. Are you an emotional or boredom eater? Use the moods tab to evaluate when and why you eat. Having trouble exercising? Use the activities tab to log your activites then look at the reports to get a handle on how much you have accomplished or how much you need to add.

And and has been said over and over here. If you fall off the wagon, there ain't nothing stopping you from just climbing back on and moving forward. Lord knows we have all gone through it!

But I think maybe the best advise I have seen is that the more you stress about it, the more anxious you are about it the harder it will be. So make the decision to improve your health, focus on the future and face each challenge as they come up, not as thing they might sometime in the vague future.


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