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Originally Posted by Absentha View Post
Also, he gets pisses when I walk away when he's eating crap. We argued today because of this, I told him he's never tried to help me, even though he's always wanted me to lose weight.

Well that's just too bad for him, isn't it?

Let him get upset that you walk away when he's eating his junk. That's just too bad. You don't have to sit there and be subjected to that. Like I said, he'll get the message and then it's up to HIM to decide what to do about it.

He told you "it's my problem if I'm on a diet and he does not need to pay for it" well you can tell him that it's his problem he can't stop eating junk food and you don't need to pay for it. What's he gonna do, force you to sit there as he gobbles down Twinkies?

Just play it cool with him and stay strong. He'll come around. Right now it sounds like you've got to earn his respect in this area, and the only way to do that is to be strong but fair. And don't argue with him, just show him by your actions that you mean business.

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