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Hi Absentha-
I really feel for you and your post really got me thinking. When i was a child yes i was happy but i was never taught about nutrition or about anything that made me aware of having a healthy body. My mum had her own thoughts on losing weight- she still does and it doesnt do her any favours. I grew up eating good family meals but they were prepared badly and i was always allowed to eat what i wanted. Everything that happened after that wasnt anybodys fault but my own but i didnt have a single ounce of support from anywhere!!!
It annoys me a little now that my parents are beginning to only realise now they are in their 50s how to live and eat healthily. They now make the efforts to eat more fruit/veg/salad- if only they had one this when i was younger. If i go around i always am offered something fattening or high cal!
I used to be the fattest in the family and now they realise i am getting closer to their weights they all make an effort to diet. Anyway im not letting it get me stressed and im doing this for the right reasons- for me!! I ensure that i show my kids the balance between foods and they are educated with food in a fun and positive way.

With your father- i only noticed and realised certain things about my parents as i got older and got the support from my boyfriend and close friends.
We have treats in the house and although they can be tempting its much easier when i have my alternatives. Anything not to feel deprived.

Just stay strong and stick with it- your dad will more likely come around to the idea of you wanting to lose weight when he sees how happy it makes you. Congratulations on the 12kg youve already lost so far! Good luck- let us know how you go.
Tracey x
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