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ive read somewhere that people who've known you the longest and know you best are psychologically driven to keep you in your current state. when you tell them you are going to try to get healthy and lose weight, at first they will say things like, way to go, its a good thing you want to lose some youll feel better, etc. but after a while when they start to see you changing it becomes a threat to them somehow and they subconsciously will sabotage you.

i know it makes sense when i think about friends... when my friends see me they think oh there's big mark, he's always good for some laughs. but what if i wasnt just there for entertainment, and now im competition for a mate. where i dont understand this pyschological condition is when it comes to family. but ive definitely experienced it with my parents as well, as we speak theres a texas sheet cake on the table and its taunting me... evil sheetcake
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