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Default Family won't help a bit

Hello everyone.

I started my diet last year and it's been on and off, but I managed to lose 12 kgs. The problem is, my father is one of those skinny people who can manage to eat whatever they want without gaining any weight. So my house is always full of junk food: cookies, chocolate, chips, greasy cheese, you name it... I talked to him long ago about this, but he claims that it's my problem if I'm on a diet and he does not need to pay for it.
I do realise he's kind of right, but... Let's be honest here, I got fat when I was a kid because of the lousy meals I got at home, because I never ate junk out of the house and I always did a lot of exercise. Nowadays, yeah, he might be thin, but he refuses to take blood tests because we all know his cholesterol must be quite high.
The thing is, every time I seem to start focusing and losing weight properly, the amount of junk in the house seems to grow.
Am I imagining things or is he trying to sabotage me?? I really don't get it, because I've been putting up with his comments about my weight and his stupid advice forever (and yes, it is stupid, when I was little he told me that if I ate bread with every meal I would get skinnier).
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