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dear_abby I've got all the time in the world since I'm in between jobs, so as long as it doesnt require fancy equipment I can exercise all I want (not that I want so much of it lol)

crazigerl thanks! I am prone to thinking "ah sod it all!", so I really have to push myself to stay positive. It's the only way to get me off the couch regulary.

Would be a funny band name, "burpees with a Bosu"

FutureizNow yes the walk run walk is great for building up towards run walk run and then you find yourself running further and further (it's speed I have issues with, need to do more interval like stuff, but I love the long slow runs cos they're so Zen to me

I think this method can also be very usefull for ppl who have zero stamina and no clue where to start

kimbur I also use this thread for accountability, it really works!

MAllen8 I hope you write more so we can cheer for you to make it a little less hard (sounds like you struggle with lack of time and/or energy?)
I really like the helping each other to stay positive and motivated vibe of this thread, hope it can be of use to you too

RunBikeSki wow at 6 in the morning, now THAT is impressive to me!
My bf works late shifts so if I were to become an early riser I'd see him next to never.

Agree with the pain in foot not to be something to ignore. Better be safe than sorry!

slocupcake good for you! I have to keep reminding myself to stretch afterwards....

Today I still feel a little "concrete-like" in the butt area, not sure why.
Now I'm trying to decide what kind of jogging training to do today. slow and long, or short and faster, or a little bit of everything.

What would be my best bet to slowly evolve from a jogger to a runner?
14 lbs down, 22 to go

Female 37 yrs 5 ft 7
Start weight 9th December 2011: 190 lbs
Current weight 2nd March 2012: 176 lbs
Inches lost around waist: 3
Goal: 154 lbs by 1st of January 2013
How: Portion control, shun liquid calories, snacks and junk food, running 3 times a week
Why: I want to get in better shape physically and mentally

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