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Hi Abigail welcome aboard- i think that by the positive attitude that comes across in your post tells me you are ready in yourself to do whatever it takes to turnaround your lifestyle. I understand that you might find it more challenging to work full time and be committed to diet and exercise but the weight loss will come. Start with just the basics and use fitday. Log in everyday whatever time of day you can and let us now how you get on.
With exercise and classes- save money and get a good exercise dvd that you can do perhaps before work or on an evening when you grab a spare half hour. Try and add extra exercise into your daily life- walking to the shops instead of the bus/car- this will be easier when the weather picks up. Maybe take up going for a relaxing swim on weekend?
On an evening when cooking a healthy meal- do an extra portion and store it in the fridge for lunch next day at work?? I agree that being able to see you are able to lose weight and making it fit into your lifestyle will help you feel more positive when you reach goal weight. You can do it! Diet and exercise has to fit in with individuals in the best way that works for them and i prefer a healthy lifestyle to a 'diet'- its important that the hard work we put in to losing the weight is maintainable and once you get into the practice and make small changes at a time these will become more natural and it all gets easier. Dont quit your job and regret it further down the line- its a big decision.
Good Luck
Tracey x
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