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Originally Posted by liquidlizard View Post
You guys that run and cycle inspire me. I look forward to being able to run and bike at a good pace and for a good distance as I lose weight.

I worked out upper body, went as heavy as I could with good form, upped my weight on a few lifts. I'm doing 3 sets of 5 to try to build some mass, and keep the muscle I have while I lose weight. Also gets me out of the gym faster which I like.
Read a good PDF today - too large to post - from Jeff Galoway, the running guru talking about the benefits of taking walk breaks during long runs, for injury avoidance and developing longer distance fitness. He did that during half of his 130 marathons! I'll try a minute break during my next "long" 5 mile run, which has been bothering my foot lately. Most of us started out alternating walking and running, however it is a strategy that can still be used as one progresses ... the calorie burn and fitness benefits are very similar with a lot less potential pain!

The think I like best about running while on a diet is that I can eat more However for the most part I keep my dieting and exercise on seperate days,
for performance reasons.

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