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Default On the cusp of making a risky life-changing decision

Hi, I'm new to this forum and would welcome feedback about a decision I'm seriously thinking of taking. I'm 50 at the end of this year, over 100lbs overweight and have been miserable for the past 25 years due to my serious weight problems. And when I say miserable, I REALLY mean miserable. I want to quit my job and think of the next 11 months as being time just for 'me'. Meaning, I am going to think of improving my body/mind as my full time job for this period, and make this my number one goal. It's risky because friends are worried that I may find it difficult to get another job as the economic climate in the UK is very dire at the moment. But my thinking is that if I dedicate this relatively short period in my life to getting myself slim, and more importantly healthy, then a job, any job, will come about in its own good time. I don't have the drive or energy to work full time and diet and exercise, and the thought of giving myself the time to cook good, healthy, fresh food daily and swim/take exercise classes/go for long walks, etc, seems like a real luxury I should take if the end result will be positive. I live alone so have no-one else to consider in my decision making process. Friends have not been encouraging, saying that I've never been able to stick to a diet before so why should this time be any different, and worse, I'd have given up my job for nothing and used up all my savings to support myself during this period of self improvement!!! However, I think I can do it, I feel ready to make this once in a lifetime huge commitment to myself, and if I end up slim and healthy then I won't mind being broke at the end of it.
Some feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Abigail
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