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A few things that work for me...

- Like Dani said, just get the sweets out of the house. What you can't control are your triggers; you can't stop eating them once you start. So get rid of them.

- It takes time when eating clean before you lose your cravings for sweets. But it does happen, so just hang in there.

- Learn to eat "healthy snacks".

- Read up on the Nutritional Values of the unhealthy snacks. Reading that 1 Twinkie has 150 calories and a few grams of saturated fat may in fact dissuade you from eating it again, especially when considering how important your health goal is to you.

- Find a substitute for your triggers, and although it's not your 'favorite' snack, it's a good-bad substitute. For example, I was hooked on M & M's and Oreos. Never much of a hard candy person. But those two things have always been my triggers, so they had to go. I now substitute a Werthers hard candy for those times where I absolutely feel like I need some sugar. One piece is only 23 calories and it lasts a long time, easily controlled as well. So hard candy as a substitute has worked well for me.

Think of food as fuel for the body instead of feeding emotions
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