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I'm gonna tell you guys what I ate yesterday. Yesterday I was doing came time to go running, so I said I would the next hour, the next hour came, and I said, again, I will go in the next hour. Never went. And on top of that, I had about 100 calories left for the day...and instead, I went and ate some taco thing my dad and his wife made, it had hamburger wrapped in a white tortilla....then, I had 2 bowls of ice cream. EACH bowl was way more than the "1/2 cup" serving size...and on those bowls of Ice cream, I poured some of the reese's peanut butter topping on there. Mmmmm.

And here's the thing. I DON'T EVEN FEEL BAD. Maybe I am losing it But...I haven't actually had bad meals like that in a long time, when I "mess up" it's usually by going over my calories restriction with healthy foods...or I might have a couple Skittles or something...but never what I ate yesterday. WOOOO
and this morning I weighed myself...I still weighed the same, maybe gone up a couple decimals but whatever.

No excercise, eating ice cream with Reese's peanut butter and hamburger tortillas. Felt good.

I hope everyone else is doing well!! Also, I agree with the person who said when they eat bad foods they don't feel good. I've noticed it also...that if I eat something that's not so good...or I eat too much at one time (on good foods) my stomach starts to feel a little gassy hahaha and me no feel good but last night I was alright, because it wasn't really greasy foods I guess. Not like pizza or Mcdonald's.

OH YEAH! Last night, I had a dream that there was this big thing going on at my school...and I was rushing, and my sister went to mcdonal'ds for me...and she forgot I was on a diet and bought me this HUGE thing of fries and a burger. I was SO hungry. So I started eating the fries. Surprise, they tasted really gross to me..but I ate them anyway because I was hungry, then had a bite of that burger. I don't think I will forget the way the food tasted in my dream, so now I may never want that stuff from a fast food place and in my can't forget, that I was freaking out because I had eaten it. When I woke up, it was like waking up from a nightmare (an eating-too-much-on-your-diet nightmare) I was so glad I didn't actually eat it lol.

K, see ya later guys. BUENA SUERTE to everyone today and the days to follow!
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