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Default How low can I go?

Originally Posted by taleynet View Post
I have been getting mixed answers. I want to know what the absolute lowest number of calories I can eat a day without sending my body into starvation mode. I work out six days a week, burning a mimimum of 500 cals per workout. Right now I am on a 1200 cal diet, but I have heard that as a female, I should go no lower than 1000, 1200, 1300 and 1500.

What's the magic number here? How low can I go?

Stats are in my sig... Thoughts???
Hi there! I don't think there really is a magic number. It's best to just listen to your body...when you begin to feel your energy levels drop, you'll know your caloric intake is too low. And when trying to lose weight, the last thing you want to happen is for your metabolism to slow down and eating too few calories will do just that.

I'm no professional but I wouldn't recommend going below 1200, maybe 1000 calories at most. That's pretty low as it is and you don't wanna cause any harm to yourself. Ultimately though, it depends on how you feel. If you can eat 1000 calories a day and still function through work and working out just fine, then you're good. Just break up your meals throughout the day to keep the metabolism going.

BTW... Based on your stats, you seem to be doing just fine at 1200 calories. Be patient and keep up the good work.


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