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Default There's no "magic number" so... experiment

Originally Posted by taleynet View Post
I have been getting mixed answers. I want to know what the absolute lowest number of calories I can eat a day without sending my body into starvation mode. I work out six days a week, burning a minimum of 500 cals per workout. Right now I am on a 1200 cal diet, but I have heard that as a female, I should go no lower than 1000, 1200, 1300 and 1500.

What's the magic number here? How low can I go?

Stats are in my sig... Thoughts???

I'll have to agree--there is no magic number and everybody responds differently. Personally, in the past I've dropped weight like crazy on 0 calories (for 30 days) and at 1,000 cals (for nine months) and now since last May at 1500 calories.

Fully admitting that I'm no expert, I think the whole "starvation mode" thing is, at best, misunderstood. I don't deny that the body may, at a certain level, burn fat more slowly. But, as long as you take in less calories than you expend, you WILL lose weight. The body is not a perpetual motion machine. You either live off the food you eat or what's stored (or some of both).

So, I say experiment. You may find it easier to stick to more that the absolute survival calories, thus weight loss will over time improve. Some have found that they actually lose faster with more calories (up to a point, of course). It's really up to you.


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