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Originally Posted by davidhdunn View Post
Briefly--50 yo male, overweight, family history of diabetes, etc. Tried off and on to lose weight with varying success. Something (I don't know what) finally clicked for me, so back in August, I began using FitDay, to log my activities and my intake. The key for me has been being RIGOROUS about logging in EVERYTHING that passes my lips. I also bought an inexpensive food scale, to really accurately measure my portions (in the past I just estimated).

I also began walking for 20 - 25 minutes each morning, and after about a month added the same amount of time on an old exercise bike that has been gathering dust. I also really changed the way I eat--lots more fresh foods, vegetables, citrus fruits, etc. Basically eliminated most breads (except for light wheat) and pastas (very small amounts). Cooked a lot from CookingLight; never felt like I was starving, either, even though I was eating only about 1000-1200 calories a day (might not be recommended for most people).

And it's worked. From a start of 258, I'm down to about 180 right now. Feel great, more active, new clothes, more confident--all the good stuff. I have in the last few weeks added some free weights and some resistance bands to tone up and build some muscle. My wife is very happy also!

So--be rigorous (obssessed almost) and honest and watch your portions--it will work for you too.
Thank you for sharing. Very insrining and gives hope! God Bless you <3
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