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Default Home Alone :( how to resist the temptation?

I've never been a fan of dieting, I simply do not believe in them, they are all about guilt and restriction and that's simply not how I want to live my life. someone once told me a very eye opening thing, which really put this all into perspective for me: 'We do not live to eat, we eat to live'. And so I never spend my time obsessing over calories and content, I'm am happier when I just keep in tune with my body and eat when i'm hungry, generally making healthy choices but not punishing myself when I reach for the chocolate.
However when home alone (which is often) I do get in the habit of not only eating a chocolate bar but having a complete binge. I swear I sometimes eat enough sugar to kill and elephant :S This is just as unhealthy as being on a diet (no offense to those on diets) and i'm eager to nip it in the bud.
Have you any tips that will prevent me from binging?

Edit: looking back on this I realise it should probably be in Food Talk section.

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