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Kimbur – it amazes me how this board gets me to the gym – knowing that people will check up on me – let us know the level of nagging you want – we can arrange for people to appear at your home if you don’t show at thegym…

Luscious, I’d also love to pul a 10 K in 60 minutes – but finding the time to train for an hour is hard! UrbanMule – you’ve done what Luscious and I dream of, I wanna be like you!

Crazigerl, isn’t Burpees with a Bosu a band?

Today I spun, it was a hard class with lots of jumps, and I feel pretty good about it. I followed up with my core work – crunches on the decline bench with a weight, oblique twists on a ball, and the captain’s chair.

Oh and Pam, guess what, they are instituting cross fit at my Y – I may have to quit my job to take all the programs I want, and then I can’t afford a gym membership (or food,so I’ll lose weight…)

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