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Just getting started really. I ran a 5K last fall with a friend with no training at all and did it in 38 min. I ran about the first 1.5 miles then walked/ran the rest of it. Of course my body thought I had died the next day! I had my friend's dog with me and I think she set the pace! I've never been much for running but I did enjoy that. Which cracks me up because my ex-husband was a marathon runner and always wanted me to run with him.

I think what I really like the best is trail running for the solitude, lack of traffic and the scenery. But I would like to do the occasional race now and then.

My plan is to do 45-60 min of cardio each day (which has been tough this past week since I am visiting my fiancee in the UK and it's been rainy every day. I don't have proper rain exercise gear here... yet! Once I have that established as a good regular routine, then I will add in weight training. At home it will be on the treadmill until the winter thaws. Then I have a lot of trails around my house. Once I get moved to the UK in the fall I can run along the seafront in the town my fiancee lives in.

I'm 42, walk about 5 miles with stairs on a busy night at work, work nights/sleep days. I weigh about 170 and am about 5'8", an apple shape. I have a complete and total addiction to carbohydrate and a sweet tooth that can really set me back. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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