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Originally Posted by jheureka View Post
I used to leave out bowls of candy for holidays, plates of cookies and baked goodies for the kids and hubby, a bowl of chips and salsa while we made mexican food, stuff like that. Since using fitday, I have gotten into the habit of keeping EVERYTHING out of sight! There is always a big bowl of fresh whole fruit on the table, and I chop up celery sticks, carrots, radishes, pickles, and keep them in the front of the fridge so I'm more likely to grab that instead of the chocolate. (which is now in the freezer so I have to wait for it to defrost!) At work, when faced with co-workers bringing in doughnuts and treats, I tell them I can't have that. I think of it like a food I'm allergic to.
You mention refusing doughnuts at work as an allergy....I think of it as that's one time I said "no" to another bad food for my body. Chalk it up to will power no matter how you look at it. No matter how you refuse that temptation, your will power is the master behind the "NO"!!!!
Keep up the good work!
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