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I just love when this thread is busy!

So, what I'm hearing, and personal experience is included, is that we need to get something started to help us cope with the weekend. A while back I used to post ways to cope...maybe I'll try that again. I did great until Sunday night; almost made it. So frustrating!

Just poking in real quick...I came home for lunch, to change out testing materials, and to use the bathroom (long story, but I'm doing evals in the juvenile jail today and I just can't use those metal toilets). Everyone's goals look great and from the sound of things, if you're not fired up now, you will be soon!

Quinn...I'm getting emails from colleges now, and links to financial aid sites. It seems early in the game but I suppose it's because of the PSAT. And so it begins . Hope your good news on that front continues to roll in.

April, very nice job on the loss! You must be so excited ! About the pediatrician...oh, I am heartbroken. My 15-year-old has seen the same one ever since the neonatologist handed him over a few days after birth. Even after we moved, I continue to take him there; it's about 35-40 minutes away. When we went in for his yearly check up, the nurse told us the doctor was on an unexpected medical leave and they were not sure if he would return (I think he's about 60, 62 years old). When we went back for the sports physical a month or so later, that was still the official word, but the doc we saw noticed that I was tearing up, and she gave me a hug and told me that he indeed was not going to come back, but that was really all she was able to say to respect his privacy. She did, however, say that if I sent a card or a letter they would be happy to forward it. I feel that's my only option; since we live a ways away, I don't see him around town, so to speak. I'm so worried about him and sad to boot...of course I know that he wouldn't be my son's doctor forever, but this was so sudden and so vague .

I checked out two other pediatricians that were highly recommended and am going with one of those. I don't like any of the others in the original practice enough to continue to make that drive. I did consider taking him to my doctor (who starts with adolescents at 16; I'm sure it would've been okay, though) but instead chose otherwise for two reasons. One, my son is ADHD and the pediatrician manages his meds and the one I chose has that as a specialty (most adult general practitioners don't), and because my son also has constitutional delay of adolescence (delayed growth spurt). So if there are any problems with that, I felt a pediatrician would be better equipped to deal with them. If there aren't any special circumstances, I would say just switch when you and they are comfortable with it.

But I've had the card here for two weeks and I just get overwhelmed thinking about what I need to say in it every time I see it. All you moms and dads know an awesome pediatrician is worth their weight in gold, and mine is. I just need to make myself put it into words and shed a few tears.

And now I've gotta run, so I'll check in with you wonderful folks later!

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
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