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I'm in! I didn't make it to sign in and chat over the weekend but I was so with the rest of you. I even put in an extra workout Saturday evening for an hour just because I felt like it! I have never worked out in front of my hubby before and he claimed to have just watched tv but he also told me how proud he is later in the evening too. I kept with my losses all week except a gain of .2lbs this morning. I will take it because that finishes me off at exactly 7lbs less than last Monday! Only 2 of those should have been water. By my body measurements I lost 1/2" off my waist and 1-1/4" off my hips since last Monday too. Is that really possible?!?! I bought more new work pants this weekend. All in size 22. *Happy Dance* I usually don't workout before work except on my hubby's work days (W-F one week and W-Sun the next week) but got up this morning and put in 50 mins! Heck yeah, I want to keep this ball rolling while it's going!! Just so you all know that I haven't been perfect this week either, LOL, here is a list of all the bad things I ate this weekend... in white Long John Silvers chicken, fish, hush puppies, fries, cheese sticks...sausage gravy over cream...tomato soup and cheese sandwiches (2) ... The best thing that I did was portion control. I'd say I have that pretty well handled, but about the time I'd say that, I will go hawg wild on a bag of kettle cooked chips or something. LOL

I think I will keep this week's goals about the same as last week since they seem to be working for me.

Health / Fitness ...
1. 100oz water daily
2. Limit 1 can diet soda daily
3. Exercise 4 times M: 50min,
4. Listen to my stomach when I'm full, not my mind that wants more.
5. No added salt to my plate
6. Weigh and post it daily M: 274.2lbs,

Life / Home Goals ...
1. Finish last load of laundry (this means fold it too)
2. Do required paperwork for son's upcoming appt
3. Do extra housework this weekend so I can just touch up for Super Bowl Sunday guests.
4. Don't forget to work on cross-stitch projects

Tori ... Congrats on your 4 lbs!!

Mern ... Wow you are being strict this week! It will pay off when you get that dinner out at the end of the week.

Cassie ... Curious about the card to the pediatrician. What's that for? Also do you plan on keeping your son at that office until he is 18? I ask because my boys are nearing 6ft tall and I still take them in, LOL. I get some looks from the newborn mommies!

Amy ... Skiing sounds fun! I have never tried it but I bet it is quite the workout. ... I am with you on weekend being my downfall. Usually I get a good one every other week since the hubby works every other weekend but he was off this weekend and I still was able to hold it together.

Kay ... Sending you some "don't get sick vibes"

Lizzie ... Schedule wedding date? That sounds fun!

Joanna ... Congrats on breaking that plateau!!

Mh ... Wow you are a busy girl. How do you decide which event is more important to attend?

Mike ... Don't let them pick on you.... 9 goals is 3x3=9 .... still fits your 3 week!
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