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Just rolling out of bed at nearly 10:00!! Wow. That's the first time that I've slept in (seriously) in maybe 5 years. School was cancelled, said goodbye to husband, cranked the electric blanket and fell back to sleep. Amen to the coffee IV.

The internet was spotty all weekend due to extremely cold temps. on Saturday and freezing rain/ice storm yesterday into today. Now, we're getting a blizzard on top of all of the ice. Good day to hibernate and, for the first time in awhile, I have little to do. It's amazing how much I can accomplish when there is no football to watch on the weekends!

I'm with you. Weekends are my biggest downfall. I'm stellar all week, and then it's like I just don't care on weekends. Since the first of the year, this has resulted in a "Push Me/Pull You" effect; loose 2 pounds during the week, gain it back on the weekend with a net loss of zero for the new year. I really have to keep my head in the game when Friday rolls around.

On to goals, Monday-Friday:

1. Calories at or below 1200.
2. 80 oz of fluids, minimum.
3. Take vitamins.
4. Limit bread.
5. MINIMUM 3 fruits and veggies a day.

Congrats to all of you who kept your head in the game all weekend!! You're my hero! I really have to start doing the same.

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