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Tori. Fantastic loss, You've not had the post Christmas slump like I have. Keep it up girl.

Amy. Me + weekends= disaster. It's like a green light comes on and it's all systems go for all those foods that are way too bad for me, because I can't eat them in moderation. Then there's the wine, the nights out, the nights in, all traps for me. However you and I HAVE lost weight so there must have been weekends when we got it right. If I could have 3 good ones a month I'd be happy.
Didn't get to weigh in this morning as I was late, at work now but I'm putting my goals
together and will post soon. This Will be a good week, it has to be, I've been slacking since November.
Weight at start of Jan 11. - 174lbs
Weight now - 151 lbs

Mini Goal by 09 Jun 2012- 147
Final goal by end of 2012 - around 126-130 lbs

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