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Originally Posted by dar n View Post
Amy Have fun skiing that must be a fantastic calorie burn. Your kids are so lucky to have you out cheering them on, my son told us once how happy he was that we were at all his meets and we have some great family memories from them.
I logged skiing as "skiing general", and according to fitday I burn about 7 calories/minute. So yeah, that's pretty good, less than running, but way more than the stationary bike (and let's face it, a whole lot more fun than the gym!). We were there about 4.5 hours, but I only logged 2.5 as skiing, since it's a short hill and you spend about 1/2 the time on the lift. I'm not a terribly good skier, but I will go faster down the hill behind my kids than I would choose to go on my own, that's for sure. Good grief the kiddies are all getting to be so good it's not even funny. Lickity-split down the hill, like demons I swear. Yesterday they were all invited to join the Jr. Ski Patrol. Unfortunately with swimming I'm not sure we can swing it. Maybe next year.
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