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Alright, so here is the final tally for the week...

My goals were:
-Keep carbs, fat and protein at 40/30/30. It averaged out about right
-Plan and prepare ahead so I don't come home at 5:00 having no idea what I'm doing for dinner. This went very well.
-Drop another pound. I started the week at 153 and ended at 152.
-Exercise, at least 2 cardio and 2 strength workouts this week. Time to get more structured with this.n It felt really good to get moving. So good that I went well over on this goal.
-Get minimum of 7 hours sleep each night. I don't really know how I'm going to do this, but last weeks bout of insomnia was no fun. Nope. I tried, and I did improve my sleep, but I'm most productive in the lat evening and trying to get to bed earlier made me feel like I wasn't getting anything done.
- Complete 3 course assignments and start final paper. No point in creating undue stress for myself by procrastinating.submitted the last assignment yesterday.
- Finish putting away the last of the Christmas stuff and give the livingroom a good cleaning. I put away the Christmas stuff, but the room still needs a good cleaning.
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