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Originally Posted by zzzkatzzzz View Post
I am wondering why the question of what the premium Fitday offers was closed
This is explained in the FAQ's thread. See below.

Originally Posted by zzzkatzzzz View Post
and never answered.
It is answered, right here on this thread. And this thread is referenced in the FAQ's.

Originally Posted by zzzkatzzzz View Post
Yes I saw what the list of "included reports" was but it really didn't explain what the reports involved. I am on an extremely tight budget and, though I love this site, I cannot afford to take a chance that upgrading will not be worth the money paid. I need to know specifically what kind of new reports will be available/generated before I can justify spending this kind of money. Can someone please address this question?

Also: is there some kind of guarentee that I will be refunded the money if I am not satisfied and decide to go back to the free version? I couldn't find that info either.

Thank you in advance.

As Moderators, we have no further information about the details of Premium to provide. Especially since FitDay is undergoing big changes in it's upgrade from v1 to v2.

Furthermore, FitDay already provides details about what the Premium package contains, it's stated when you click on the upgrade to Premium link. So again, I'm not seeing your assertion that the "question was never answered" when in fact it has been answered several times in several (easily found) places.

The specifics of what you are asking can only come from Internet Brands. So, contact FitDay. How do you do that? Again, the links are provided in the FAQ's.

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