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Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post
Hmmm I think I remember having goals at the beginning of the week.

Found 'Em!

DONE!1--limit of 1300 cals a day--1290, 1018, 1122, 1299, 1403, 1203, 1144
UUUUUGGGHHHHH2--water!!!!---not even close
Close but no cigar3--work out 3 1/2 times--3 times AGAIN this week. It's beginning to be a habit
Pretty sure I've got this one. The loss just has to stick4--2 lbs, again--starting weight this week a cool 219.6 lbs.--as of Sunday morning down to 216.8

DONE!1--stay on top of paperwork
DONE!2--clean cat's bathroom---I swear, I think she purposefully throws the litter out of her box
DONE!3--strip bed and wash linensDONE!4--go to drug store and find new hair color--really need to wash this grey right out
5--call dr. and set appointment for complete blood work up. most importantly TSH levels and check about different asthma meds
I didn't even WANT to hurt anyone this week6--don't let the guys at work get to me--it's a work in progress
Looks like you could be on for your goal in March. So pleased you are doing so well. Love the other goals. Good not to be thinking food and weightloss all the time! L
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