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Hmmm I think I remember having goals at the beginning of the week.

Found 'Em!

DONE!1--limit of 1300 cals a day--1290, 1018, 1122, 1299, 1403, 1203, 1144
UUUUUGGGHHHHH2--water!!!!---not even close
Close but no cigar3--work out 3 1/2 times--3 times AGAIN this week. It's beginning to be a habit
Pretty sure I've got this one. The loss just has to stick4--2 lbs, again--starting weight this week a cool 219.6 lbs.--as of Sunday morning down to 216.8

DONE!1--stay on top of paperwork
DONE!2--clean cat's bathroom---I swear, I think she purposefully throws the litter out of her box
DONE!3--strip bed and wash linensDONE!4--go to drug store and find new hair color--really need to wash this grey right out
5--call dr. and set appointment for complete blood work up. most importantly TSH levels and check about different asthma meds
I didn't even WANT to hurt anyone this week6--don't let the guys at work get to me--it's a work in progress

Mini Goal Weight-??
Ultimate Goal Weight-TBD

Current Weight-??
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