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I think there is a difference between "toxins" and stuff you just do not need to put in your body. Most food have few true "toxins", but lots of processed foods have stuff that you really do not need to eat. There are, in fact, many "toxins", many if not most are actually "organic" at least in the chemical sense of the word as HC noted earlier. May I add tobacco and alcohol...

I totally agree that our bodies, in particular kidneys and liver are really, really good at removing stuff the might be harmful to our bodies, thus one does not need to spend a penny on DeTox methods, modes, or programs. But I am pretty sure that all of us agree that the fewer "additives" the better. A little MSG (as long as you have not reactions to it), sulfate (an essential element, BTW), and citric acid as flavor enhansers and preservatives really won't hurt you in moderation. But if all you eat is packaged, processed "franken-food" you might want to rethink your diet.
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