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Originally Posted by bojibridge View Post
I used to love the three cheese nachos for Qdoba - I didn't eat them all the time, but maybe once every couple weeks. When I started counting calories, I went to their website where they have a nutrition calculator, so you can calculate exactly how many calories are in your dish, with all your customized toppings and whatnot. I kid you not - 1400 calories. I haven't been back since.
I think restaurants just want to make food taste good rather than worrying about calorie contents and all of that. That's one reason why some restaurants have fought having to list their nutrition information.

It's like Paula Deen said in that one interview "Honey I'm your cook, not your doctor".

Basically it's up to us to educate ourselves and know that nobody else is going to look out for us.

Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post
I'm exactly the same way. I read a label and go "OMG I can eat this, this, and THAT for what's in ONE of these. It's a huge eye opener. I haven't tried the Sobe LifeWaters, but I do like a couple of the Fuze Slenderize drinks. The regular Fuze have too many calories in them, but the Slenderize ones have like 5 per bottle. A very good trade!!!
That's another good one! Do they have a diet version of the banana colada? I remember liking that flavor but I can't remember if it was the low calorie version or not.
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