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I believe they're a better choice for nutritional reasons. I just don't believe the food supply is brimming with toxic chemicals.

I looked up the ingredients for Wonder Bread (Classic)

enriched wheat flour,
oat hull,
wheat gluten,
vegetable oil,
soybean and or canola,
vegetable monoglycerides,
calcium, propionate-mold inhibitor
fumaric acid -aciifier often used instead of malic or citric acid
calcium carbonate-calcium supplement
calcium sulphate -coagulant, also used in tofu
monocalcium phosphate -source of calcium and phosphorus
calcium pantothenate-pantothenic acid, part of the Vit. B complex
pridoxine hydrochloride-Vit B6
sorbic acid-prevents growth of yeast and mold.
May contain trace amounts of sesame seeds, milk products, egg products soy products.

I would rather not have moldy bread, other than that, I see no deadly chemicals.

Obviously, whole grain bread is a better choice nutritionally.
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