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Originally Posted by SailorDoom View Post
Maybe OP was referencing all the crazy additives, artificial colors/flavors and preservatives that are pumped into so many "foods" lining the grocery store shelves.
This is what I was thinking about when I agreed with the OP. But one thing you forgot to mention are residual insecticides. They are NOT listed anywhere yet we know they are present.

And let's not forget now matter how 'safe" big agra companies like Monsanto claim that their genetically engineered foods are, it's still an experiment. In 50 years if people are not getting sick from GMO foods THEN the jury will be in on this.

WHOLE FOODS, organically grown, are certainly a wiser choice considering the uncertainty surrounding additives, residual insecticides, and GMO produced foods. I would hope everyone could at least agree with this.

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