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Lol HC!! I know what water is !! You're talking to someone working on a thesis in molecular biology.

I may be back in the college scene again, but nothing you can say will make me think ramen is health food

I really don't think I'm falling for scare tactics when I say these things are "bad". My point is that simpler whole foods are better -- for me, anyway -- than the alternative "foodlike substances" (as Michael Pollan would put it) available to me. I'm not saying this because I'm scared or unable to understand chemistry. I'm saying this because I KNOW I feel better eating simpler, less chemical-y stuff.

To illustrate this point, I'm typing this as I eat a bowl of oat groats with cinnamon instead of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, both of which are readily available to me in the breakfast aisle at the grocery store. For me this seems like a no-brainer.

I'm not saying its for everyone (heck, oat groats take an hour to cook!). I'm not saying eating sugary breakfast cereal will kill you. I'm certainly not saying I eat this way 100% of the time. I'm simply trying to make the point that its not so difficult to eat more basic foods that people prepare for themselves. I think it would be a little better for the planet and everyone's waistlines if this were more the norm.
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