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Originally Posted by food42 View Post
Humans are so greedy we eat animals and their food. I wonder what other species think of us? Probably, we're full of ...........
Help me understand, if we're not supposed to eat animals or their food, what are we supposed to eat? Carnivores eat animals. Vegetarians and vegans eat the animals food (fruits and vegetables), so please help me understand. Eat too many carrots and Bugs Bunny in Vitos avatar may starve and die.

If you don't want to be greedy then don't eat animals or their food and see how long you can survive.

Why would you care what other species think of us? I doubt if I were to see a cow she know that I ate a steak the other day. I'm sure if I were to go to the aquarium the fish aren't wondering if I eat fish. That's because they probably don't think about what we do, so why wonder about something that doesn't happen?

I think it's comical when people act like we are evil compared to animals when we eat animals. Animals kill each other everyday for food. At least we don't eat other humans, they wouldn't think twice about eating another animal OR human!

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