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Originally Posted by Rubystars View Post
Thanks. I think the difference for me now is that I can visualize how much food is in how many calories. If I see a food that is really calorie dense like that with what I would consider to be a small serving size and I can visualize a much bigger portion of a different food for the same 'calorie cost', then it helps me to realize what a 'rip off' that drink is.
I'm exactly the same way. I read a label and go "OMG I can eat this, this, and THAT for what's in ONE of these. It's a huge eye opener. I haven't tried the Sobe LifeWaters, but I do like a couple of the Fuze Slenderize drinks. The regular Fuze have too many calories in them, but the Slenderize ones have like 5 per bottle. A very good trade!!!

Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
I think most people rather not know, even though it's right in front of their face.
We were discussing what we wanted for lunch one day and one of the guys at work said "go to Moes and bring me back something". I proceeded to look up the nutrition in a HomeWrecker with chicken and black beans and Sweet Baby Jesus Lying in the Manger!! It was almost my entire day's worth of calories! Over 900 calories in a burrito!!! That's not counting the chips and queso or the large sweet tea (with refills) that's I'd consume AT LUNCH! It's completely shocking. When I pointed all these things out to my coworker he said "Yeah, but I'm still gonna eat it, so I'd rather not know what's in it." Where now I'm the exact opposite. I won't eat it unless I know how it's prepared or what's in it.

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