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Default Brain/body disconnect

I have had this happen a few times recently, and occasionally in the past. Today has been like this. I don't know what happens exactly and I'm curious to know if other people have had this happen to them.

I will eat until my stomach feels really full, so I know I'm not really physically hungry. My stomach's not growling, etc.

At the same time, I keep having this feeling like I'm hungry, or like I want to eat.

Usually the two are in synch, I get cravings and such when I'm actually hungry, and they go away or are severely reduced once I eat something.

Now even being overfull I am still getting some kind of signal in my head that I need to eat, but I know if I eat more I'll make myself feel sick.

I tried drinking water and it helped a little, so maybe part of it was thirst, but I still feel these urges to eat that have nothing to do with actual hunger.

I wouldn't even really call it a craving. I just feel like I usually do when I'm hungry except for the sensation of my stomach being full rather than empty.

It's one of the strangest feelings and very hard to describe. Could I be deficient in something and my brain is telling me to eat and not satisfied after I eat because I didn't consume what it was seeking?
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