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Originally Posted by carlenky View Post
I've never found alcohol listed in nutrition foods. What is it?
What your asking about is sugar alcohol.

Artificial Sweeteners Symptoms, Causes, Treatment - What are sugar alcohols? on MedicineNet

Just to be clear however, the "alcohol" spot in the foods database is for alcohol, the kind in beer, wine, hard liquour. Here's an example of how to create a "custom food" which includes alcohol:

Originally Posted by carlenky View Post
Also, why doesn't FitDay have a place for Folic Acid on the nutrition calculations?
You'll never get a definitive answer as to "why". It would only be a guess on the part of Internet Brands as to why the FitDay program, which they purchased, did not include Folic Acid or other things in the program.

So one can only guess. Because not tracking it doesn't impede weight loss? Probably. Because essential vitamins and minerals are tracked and this is just not important to the vast majority of people? Probably. Because nothing in life is "perfect"? Most assuredly.

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