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Hey fitgirl63, welcome aboard. I'll be your buddy. 4 months ago I was much worse off than you at 5'-2" and 244 pounds. As of this morning I'm down to 188, 56 down, 68 to go. I'm going to see 120 pounds again, come hell or high water. I hear you on the "would love to see 135 again", won't that be a great day? I always thought I was "fat" as a teenager, now I look at those old pictures and think "where did those legs go?".

There is a section on the forums where you can get recipes, just scroll down and look for "Food" or you can do a search. I'm not on Facebook, but there are some really good discussions in the women's corner where a lot of us check in regularly. I'm finding the food and exercise log to be really key in my journey to get fit again. I just try and keep my intake lower than my burn by about 1000 calories a day, which is pretty easy so long as I get my daily workout. I also have a pedometer which I LOVE. They are like $15-30 and I find it to be a great motivator. I've made 10,000 steps almost everyday since Christmas.
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