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Hi guys. I think this link is very helpful for all of you wondering about walking and running. I found it very informative.
How Many Calories Are You Really Burning? | From Runner's World

Yes you can lose weight by walking. Running scorches MORE calories, and to do the same amount you just have to walk alot longer and do it more often.
I have heard all the..."running only builds muscle, walking burns fat" and "walking burns the same amount of calories as running" stuff...but I don't believe it is true. Whichever one takes more breath and energy out of you is the one that burns more calories, which is running...your body must work harder. But walking you can accomplish the same thing as long as it is constant and done for a longer time.

Strength training will also help (I am trying to get in the habit of doing this..and of course, I'm failing quite hard. The last time I even bothered was a couple weeks ago hehe)I don't have a gym membership...and I can't afford it either. If you just want to walk, that's totally cool. Riding a bike is good. Before humans had cars, we walked everywhere or rode on horses and stuff, and the humans before us were really fit because they didn't have what we had. So walking is good. That's why we have legs duh
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