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Originally Posted by derpderpderp1 View Post
Now I am still wondering why my custom food for my multi vitamin does not show up in the nutrition section (where all the RDA% vitamins and minerals are) properly. I put the food as 70% daily value for vitamin A like it says on the package but when I go to the nutrition tab I only get 34%.
This permalink will explain it (Post #6):

And while your at it, go over that thread thoroughly.

Originally Posted by derpderpderp1 View Post
I should probably browse around the forum but I have another quick question and that is how much fiber should a 19 year old male get? My current diet I get about 30g of fiber from beans and a fiber cereal. I am not sure if there are different kinds of fiber or if I should get it from multiple sources thru out the day and not all at once or a lot at once (I get it at breakfast and lunch).
There's soluble and insoluble fiber. I don't worry about the proportions I'm getting, I just shoot for around 40 grams a day. This is a good resource:

The difference between soluble and insoluble fiber | Healthy Answers | Natural Health News | | Healthy Answers

How much should you get? This link is found on the above FAQ's thread:

Daily Values (DVs)

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