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Originally Posted by VitoVino View Post
"Original No Salt" is my secret weapon! It's potassium salt, KCl. That's the brand name. I found it at Walmart where the regular salt is located. I call it a secret weapon because I can add 1/4 tsp of this to my Low Salt V8 juice (8 oz.) and wind up getting a whopping 1500 Mg. of potassium in a mere 50 calories.

I hear ya about "beet greens". Personally I've never seen them, but I haven't looked either. But they are listed in the database here. And yes, apparently they are the green part of the beet:

Beet greens:

Swiss chard is a pain. Too expensive, a pain to cook it down. I get a whopping 5 grams of potassium a day just by eating a sweet potato, frozen broccoli, a few bananas, and possibly some "No Salt" sprinkled on some foods. I've also switched to raw spinach salads. That's it, raw spinach and Newman's Own mild salsa (extremely low calorie and very low sodium).

I used to do Potassium supplements, but now since I've changed my eating habits I don't need them any more. They are 99 mg. per tablet due to the government not wanting anyone to overdose if they accidentally take an entire bottle. Potassium in high levels all at once can stop your heart.

If you start eating sweet potatoes you won't have any problem with your vitamin A at all either.

As far as magnesium, very wise to be monitoring it. Do a tag search for magnesium and you'll find some tips on how to get more.
Thanks for the info I'll look for KCI and low sodium V8, 1500 mg of potassium is about 32% daily value which should do the trick and if I eat a sweet potato on top of it I'll have 47% (15%). Now I am still wondering why my custom food for my multi vitamin does not show up in the nutrition section (where all the RDA% vitamins and minerals are) properly. I put the food as 70% daily value for vitamin A like it says on the package but when I go to the nutrition tab I only get 34%. I should probably browse around the forum but I have another quick question and that is how much fiber should a 19 year old male get? My current diet I get about 30g of fiber from beans and a fiber cereal. I am not sure if there are different kinds of fiber or if I should get it from multiple sources thru out the day and not all at once or a lot at once (I get it at breakfast and lunch).
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