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I've been suffering from sneezing attacks and an extreme runny nose AFTER a hard running workout.
For some reason, the histamine levels ramp up for people under these conditions.
Interesting that you brought this up Vito. I have a similar question/situation. A few months ago, I had a severe allergy attack after a very intense (and longer than usual) HIIT running session. Unlike you, however, I was at the gym on a treadmill. I have a slight allergy to eggs normally and had eaten something like 1/2 or 1/3 of an egg in a recipe earlier in the day. I kicked some butt during my run and felt great. After I finished up and cooled down for a minute or two, I started to feel dizzy and faint. My face puffed up like Quasimodo (!) and I had rashes all over my body, especially on my chest and neck. It was really scary! I took a bunch of benadryl and took a cold bath. 24 hours later, I was pretty much better, but if I had health insurance at the time, I definitely would have gone to the hospital.

Like Vito, I read that this may have been caused by increased levels of histamines after really vigorous exercise. I still don't know if the fraction of an egg was the culprit or if it was something else. Thankfully, this has been a one-time thing so far, but I would really like to avoid anything like it in the future. That episode has caused me to avoid going "all out" (especially when running) and avoid eggs and exercise within a day or so of one another. This is unfortunate, because I really enjoy HIIT and I also enjoy eggs (though I don't eat too many to begin with).

Have you ever seen this with anyone else? Any insight into what is actually at fault? Should I just cough up the dough to see an allergist (I only have major medical insurance now)? Just stop eating eggs completely and run a ton? Or not run as hard and enjoy my precious eggs once in a while?

Thanks for any ideas!
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