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I think everyone has spent more than enough time on answering the OP. The OP has not only posted on FitDay, but has posted the same exact questions in various health forums around the internet and never replied after people have taken their time to supply answers.

Reference: Does this diet sound good for weight loss? - JP Fitness Forums

-- One thing is for sure: this person is wasting people's time.

-- One thing is not so sure: that this person is a troll.

Here's another indicator that this person is just trolling:

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Notice how this person immediately logged off after posting, never to return? So like I said, this person is wasting others time.

If you want to be more savvy when in this forum and others, always note the date stamp on the original post, then see if the person has ever replied to anyone after a few weeks. In our case we can also check the person's "last activity" prior to posting, to decide if addressing the OP personally is warranted or is in fact a waste of time.

End of today's lesson.

Thread closed.

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