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Default The body is a confusing thing

I'm a 37 y/o female 5'3" 224 lbs. (start weight 240) I hit a plateau 3 weeks in. First 2 weeks the weight flew off, then nothing in the 3rd week.

Scale stuck for 8 days. And it even went up a couple times, but always went back down. This week the plateau ended and over a 3 day period I had a 5lb. loss.

I upped my water (from 64 to 80), ate the same (1200), increased exercise and switched it up a bit. I did have my "free day" in the middle of my plateau also, I ate without counting calories or figuring nutrition, so maybe that actually helped. The body is a confusing thing, just stick with it, the plateau will end. I know it's frustrating when you are doing everything right and the scale won't budge.
Start: 1/5/11 Weight : 240
2/4/11: 222
Current 214
Loss: 26

Pre Goal: 160 by 10/11 (in a wedding)
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