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Default Change your habits

Originally Posted by dggriffi View Post
I also understand that my metabolism will slow and and muscle could be consumed thus reducing my calorie maintenance. Aside from the that, what are the reasons that the weight goes back on? is it psychological or just habitual?
When people approach weight loss as a short term 'diet' rather than a longterm lifestyle change many people have the weight come right back when they stop 'dieting' and return to their old habits. This is the definition of YO-YO dieting and why so many fail to keep the weight off. Lets look at the cycle:
*People eat too many calories and excercise too little creating a calorie surplus. They gain weight.
*They decide they need to lose weight.
*They restrict their foods and add activities to create a calorie deficit.
*They lose weight with the mindset that the diet is only temporary.
*They hit their goal weight or can no longer live with the restrictions of their diet.
*They return to their old habits, eating too many, and the wrong type, of calories and not getting enough exercise.
*Surprise!!!! The weight starts coming back.

I believe this is because they never changed their habits and thinking. They saw the diet as something they only had to do attain their goals. I would advocate that you develop a mindset that you are changing your lifestyle to eat healthier and exercise more for your longterm health and well being. I (and many others who have had success here on Fitday) have come to the realization that I must change my habits (the holiday season has reinforced this) or the weight will return.

Originally Posted by dggriffi View Post
My plan is to drop 10 and start run/walking. Then at 20, i plan to hit the free weights. I want to wait as long as a can for the weights because i think it might warp my persecption of pounds lost.
If you diet without exercise 50-75% of your weight loss could come from muscle! I personally would not wait to start lifting. While the weight might come off slower you will be losing more fat by incorporating lifting. So the question becomes do you want to lose fat or just weight?

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