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Default Change up the number of meals

Originally Posted by farr1022 View Post
Seemed to have hit a plateau and need some tips on how to bust it. Lost 50lbs and have not lost much of anything in two weeks. What have you guys done to get through a plateau?

I try to vary the way I'm eating. I tend to prefer 5 meals a day, but some weeks will eat 7 smaller meals to shake up my metbolism. It is a lot of work to schedule that many meals/snacks in a day, but it's worth it. I also like to do cardio workouts that incorporate weights (lunges/squats holding weights, etc.). Maybe take a look at your diet too. See how much sugar you're taking in (that includes fruit) and really evaluate your diet. Personally, I've found that diet is the key to my weight loss so maybe it's just time to reign in some habits that are holding you back! Best of luck!

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